Frustrated by the time and effort it takes to keep your BuddyBoss site running smoothly?

Unleash BuddyBoss with SocialHost

Let BuddyBoss experts handle the technicalities while you focus on building your community

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BuddyBoss Optimized Hosting

Every Component Has Been Optimized to Run BuddyBoss Seamlessly
Memory Optimization

SocialHost optimizes WP memory and OP cache to serve your site as fast as possible.

PHP Libraries

SocialHost installs all necessary libraries for image resizing and video thumbnail creation.

Object Caching

SocialHost takes advantage of Redis Object Cache to speed up your dynamic site.


SocialHost uses Litespeed, the best server platform for serving more concurrent users.

Fully managed hosting with speed, security, and support


WordPress membership websites should backup their data every day to protect themselves from mistakes or disasters.

Easy Staging

Cloning environments to a separate server to create dev or staging sites for testing or troubleshooting takes only minutes.

Malware, DDoS
Protection, and WAF

To protect against DDoS attacks, the system employs multiple layers of security including server- and application-level mitigation, a web application firewall, and up-to-date threat intelligence.

Support for All of the Familiar Plugins in the BuddyBoss Ecosystem

Create a world-class dynamic membership website

Launch courses or create a learning community


Add Points, Badges, Ranks, Progress Maps and more…


Add a full featured eCommerce platform


Marketing automation and CRM all within your WordPress website


Connect your WordPress plugins to build automations

WP Fusion

Supercharge WordPress with the power of CRM tags and automations